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GANTNET PLUS® Double-Face / Double-Soap Disposable Soapy Sponge

This double-faced soapy mitten is one of our star products. Developed by our R&D Department for full bodily hygiene solutions.

A worldwide innovation in the bodily hygiene sector, the GANTNET PLUS® Double-faced/Double-the-soap mitten has the primary, innovative feature of dermatological soap impregnated on both of its faces. This feature naturally has a great bearing on consumption of this disposable product type, so it offers great savings.

The GANTNET PLUS® mitten adapts perfectly to one’s hand so as to access every part of the body.
This double-face/double-the-soap mitten is designed for use in hospitals, clinics, geriatric centres, etc.

12 units/bag

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