About Us

LAYERTEX offers the widest catalogue of single-use soapy sponges and mittens on the market. Our soapy sponges cover all bodily hygiene needs, whether in hospitals, senior citizens’ or special care homes, gyms, at home or when travelling..

Our Difference

LAYERTEX soapy sponges and mittens help to develop all these good habits whether by professionals in specialised health centres, or at home. In recent decades, we have seen how bodily hygiene habits and conditions have improved notably in a great majority of healthcare centres. Patterns for action have been modified with regard to inpatients through the use of new materials, among them disposable soapy sponges, which guarantee maximum safety.

They protect both healthcare professionals and patients from possible cross-infection. 

The use of soapy sponges also reduces healthcare professionals’ action time and decreases the costs of all hygiene tasks.